Frequently Asked Questions

Simple click the enquire now link below on this page and follow a really simple process. You can choose either email or whatssap and a direct link will send GBC a notification, we will then be in touch about an intro call to see if we are the correct fit for each other.

To get the best out of coaching and getting you to exactly where you want to be, its important that we think were the right fit for each other. We can go through, plans, goals, current status and really deep dive in into how we move you forward as an athlete.

Yes, its really simple. Once we align on your goals and you stick to the plan. I have 100% confidence in getting you to your target. If your unsatisfied or don't reach your goal your entitled to a refund :)

Honest answer is all ability levels. Weather you want to compete in your first 5k or your looking to get a podium finish as a pro. The system and value Green Box provides is unmatched.

No, i like to keep a good honest relationship. If your not happy with the relationship or for some reason would like to cancel then you can do at any time. Ill tell you more about why i offer this on our call.

A free training peaks account is suitable for the Starter package.

Training peaks "Premium" account included free of charge for any athletes on the Pro or Premium package.

This depends on the goals we set together. We will take into consideration all aspects of preparing a detailed training plan to provide you with the best plan for you.

All down to the individual plan and what agreement we come to which gives you the best chance of achieving the goals we set.

All Pro & Premium clients will receive a detailed specific strength and conditioning plan.

Yes, we do this monthly and they are brilliant. Depending on the package you choose will depend on the amount / type of "meet up days".

The discounts and partners i have secured over the many years is something which i'm most proud to bring to you. You will receive discounts from £150-£200 monthly if you are in the Pro or Premium group, this is such good value which you are essentially getting towards your coaching fee which is why value for money wise we believe GBC are industry leaders.

Yes :) we run multiple training camps through the year. UK is where we hold monthly training camps. We also try to do 2 x aboard camps per year which can be the funnest / toughest weeks of the year.

If you have other questions i am more than happy to discuss when we jump on a call. Its part of the reason i like to speak to people rather than just send a plan, that way, any questions you have i can talk you through in more detail.

  • Email 📩

    Its simple. Copy & paste [ENQUIRE] and click the email address below then click send. We will take it from there. You will recive an email back within 1 hour :) 
  • Whatssapp 📞

    Its simple. Copy & paste [ENQUIRE] and click the whatssap link below then click send. We will take it from there. You will receive a text back within 1 hour :)

    +44 7867782637 
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